Vulcan (バルカン barukan) is the spirit of lava and serves Agni, who calls him Grodd. 


Vulcan is a red-furred and green-skinned monkey, with a body-build of a gorilla. He has eyes with yellow irides and white pupils, spike-like protrusions along the length of its tails, elongated blunt fangs, and two long horns curving upwards on its forehead like a crown (both its fangs and horns are dark-tipped). In its mouth, Vulcan doesn't have a tongue, but has an opening that is shaped like a dome volcano. During Agni's training to master vulcan he has grown to the size of a full grown adult gorilla.

Personality Edit

Vulcan is a very prideful spirit, as it detests being called by the name "Ape" and boasts about its power.

Vulcan hated some humans, due to the fact some humans had used his power for evil, he also seems to have taken a liking to Agni, as he was moved by his actions for truly using his power for good. He also treats his fellow spirits with much respect.

Battle Prowess Edit

Magic Edit

  • Lava Magic: As the spirit of lava, Vulcan uses this form of magic to create, shape and manipulate lava.


  • Mana Sensory: Vulcan possesses the ability to sense mana in others and his surroundings.
  • Immense Magic Power: As a spirit, Vulcan possesses a vast amount of magic power.

Statistics Edit

Cleverness Pride

Trivia Edit

  • Vulcan's favorite thing is to train.[55]
  • His nickname is references to the intelligent gorilla named Grodd from The Flash from DC Comics.
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