Violet Orca 「紫苑の鯱 Konjiki no Yoake」 is one of the nine squads of the Magic Knights.

Overview Edit

Violet Orca is an interesting squad among the Order of Magic Knights in that their members are known to be quite independent of each other. Whereas among the Magic Knights it is nearly mandatory to maintain a level of teamwork, Violet Orca seems to prioritize and excel in solitary tasks. This is due to Violet Orca's role among the Magic Knights as covert agents. Among their membership are intelligence agents, counter-intelligence agents and many other similar individuals that maintain the order of the Kingdom daily, while hiding under the sea of daily lives.

Violet Orca members are not normally present at the Royal Capital, with the exception of critical events. This is because they are spaced across all of Clover Kingdom, and beyond, in securing information and performing tasks related to the underbelly of Clover Kingdom's society. Among the members, the Captain performs the least number of missions, though this is primarily because they are in charge of organizing intelligence, creating missions, and training new recruits to go on these missions.

Because the nature of Violet Orca's assignments are often quite deadly, they are required to report in every three days to ensure their own safety and the success of the mission. Should a member not make three of these required contact sessions, it is assumed there is danger and other squad members go to assist.

Notably, due to the nature of Violet Orca's missions, they are the only squad who is able to ask for assistance from other squads when their covert missions end up turning to full-blown conflict, particularly when said conflict is on an international scale.

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Former Captains
Former Members

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Much like the other squads, Violet Orca has its own, interesting base. It is a submarine located in the lake closest to the Royal Capital, and is concealed through a magical barrier, that makes the said submarine's surface appear as a large bed of rock, causing the lake to be quite shallow to the normal public. Rather than wide, the base of the Violet Orca is quite deep, and has several different levels. Contrary to popular belief, Cecil's own office is located at the uppermost level, for he believes that he should be the first to respond to any crisis upon his squad's barracks.

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