Order of the Magic Knights 「魔法騎士団 Mahō Kishi-dan」 is an organization that serves as the protector of the Clover Kingdom. The group is led by the king in the Magic Emperor's absence.




Members of the Magic Knights are differentiated through ranks in which could represent their status within the organizations. The highest rank is the Magic Emperor in which belongs to the leader of the Magic Knights. Below the Emperor status, members of the Magic Knights are divided into four other ranks in which those ranks are further divided into five classes with the 1st class as the highest and the 5th class as the lowest. A promotion to a higher class is possible for every Magic Knight based on their performance in which represented by the amount of stars they had collected. Knights who are aiming to get a promotion, need to collect a certain number of stars before the annual War Merits Conferment Ceremony to be considered for a promotion.

The Magic Knights' ranks are as follow:

  1. Magic Emperor 「魔法帝 Mahōtei, Viz: "Wizard King"」
  2. Grand Magic Knight 「大魔法騎士 Dai Mahō Kishi
  3. Senior Magic Knight 「上級魔法騎士 Jōkyū Mahō Kishi
  4. Intermediate Magic Knight 「中級魔法騎士 Chūkyū Mahō Kishi
  5. Junior Magic Knight 「下級魔法騎士 Kakyū Mahō Kishi


Members of the Magic Knights are divided into nine different squads in which each of them is led by a Magic Knight that has been bestowed authorities as the captain 「団長 danchō」 of the squad. Each squad possesses their own insignia in correspondent to the squad's name and signature robes that easily differentiate members of one squad from another.

After the rise of King Guthrie Clover II, the squads were further divided into nine important specializations. This way, the military force of the Clover King would benefit from having an organized focus.

Additionally, each squad is competing with the others to see which squads are the best. The ranks are determined by the cumulative amount of stars that members of a squad has collected as a whole.

Squad Insignia Captain Specialization
Golden DawnGolden Dawn InsigniaZakai DraconusInvasion and Infantry
Crimson LionCrimson Lion InsigniaRosanne VermillionDomestic Defense
Silver EagleSilver Eagle InsigniaAstro SilvaPolice Force
Blue RoseBlue Rose InsigniaElizabeth RoseleiDiplomatic Solutions
Green MantisGreen Mantis InsigniaIolo GochBlack Ops
Azure DeerAzure Deer InsigniaSapphira DiamanteMagic and Technological Research
Coral PeacockCoral Peacock InsigniaEzekielSupport Division
Violet OrcaViolet Orca InsigniaCelestia LucifugeIntelligence and Counter-Intelligence
Black BullBlack Bull InsigniaKorag GildameshGuerrilla Force

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