Coral Peacock 「珊瑚の孔雀 Sango no Kujku」 is one of the nine squads of the Magic Knights. This squad is currently the most charitable squad in the organization. It is currently led by captain Gundahar with Mirei Seimei as it's vice-captain.

Overview Edit

Base of Operations Edit

Coral Peacock's base of operations is a headquarters that houses all of the members. The base is in the form of an ancient temple. The building is comprised of marble and stretches outwardly instead of vertically. There are several massive columns...

Within the temple is a throne room...

Their base of operations are surrounded by a gigantic maze of vegetation and flora, manipulated and monitored by...

Members Edit

Coral Peacock is led by a captain with authority over the members of the squad. Should he be incapacitated, the Vice-Captain is the next in command.

Name Rank Status
Mirei SeimeiVice CaptainActive
Lady Marie AntionetteMemberActive
Richard FelixMemberActive
Andreas AgostiniMemberActive
Lieser BernkastelMemberActive

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