Blue Rose (碧の野薔薇, Ao no Nobara) is one of nine elite squads of Magic Knights. Famed for the beauty and strength of their members, they are typically led by a member of House Roselei. The current generation comes under the jurisdiction of Elizabeth Roselei, daughter of the previous Captain Charlotte Roselei.

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One of the original squads created after the triumph of the Magic Emperor, they are subject to his orders and are bound to honoring his requests. From their conception, they have been a largely female squad, almost exclusively led by a woman picked from House Roselei. The only exceptions have come when a previous squad captain chose one of her own to succeed her in this ranking, making it available to any members in good standing. They are typically among the top 4 squads in collective strength, having been as high as 1st during one particularly fruitful generation. Though largely female, they will and have accepted men into their ranks, provided said individuals have proven themselves capable of transcending the "sloth that plagues their sex". The highest known ranking for a male member of Blue Rose is Vice-Captain.

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