Azure Deer 「水色の幻鹿 Mizuiro no Genroku」 is one of the nine squads of the Magic Knights. This squad is known to be one of the least combatant squads, as rather than being an invasive force they have been charged with the research on the histories of various fields, as well as the study of magical artifacts. It is currently led by captain Sapphira Diamante.

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Like the other eight squads, Azure Deer follows the orders of the Magic Emperor and will act according to his requests. The Azure Deer are unique in that they are divided into different divisions based on what they research specifically. They are the Artifact Research Division who are in-charge of the study of magical artifacts, the Magical History Division who are in charge of the study of magical history in general, including that of other Kingdoms, the Dungeon Research Division who are in charge of compiling a list and history of all dungeons that have been discovered as well as the secrets within, and finally the Ancient Magic Research Division who are in charge of studying the more dangerous magical artifacts, magical histories and dungeons. Each division is headed by a Head Researcher, with the fourth division being comprised of the Heads of the three others, as well as the Captain acting as their Grand Curator.


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